Monday, December 11, 2006

Be Prepared for the Occasion!

The Sweet Sound of Impeachment
What do you wear to the protest and trial? Find it here.
This is the place you go to ensure you are appropriately accutred for the Big Day when Bush, Cheney, and whoever else, is lead away from their seats of power. Could anything be better? Not is you are a Republican fed up with being embarrassed by seeing the Party of Goldwater converted into a playground for frustrated Fascists, it can't. So even if you are a Democrat, look through what is available. These goods are good for all ideological viewpoints except NeoCon.

The Impeachment Emporium
The Impeachment Emporium
That time of the year has rolled around and we already have one huge thing to celebrate; the possibility of Impeachment. How could any words be sweeter? Check out the Emporium.